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Asssorbella - New eco-friendly cat litter

Asssorbella is the new ecological litter for cats, rabbits, rodents, ferrets and reptiles that is made from special highly absorbent and agglomerating vegetable fibers that once in contact with liquids thicken, creating an easily removable “ball”, neutralizing unpleasant odors. These particular plant fibers, highly environmentally friendly, come mainly from Italian crops and a direct control on quality and cultivation techniques. Asssorbella, thanks to the particular active ingredient of natural origin, inhibits the formation of ammonia, responsible of the bad smell. The 10L format is able to meet the hygiene needs of a cat for 80/90 days. Asssorbella does not line floors, does not damage carpets, does not create dust and it’s hygienic thanks to the sanitizing action of its natural active ingredient. It is light, easy to transport and to dispose of: being 100% biodegradable, the dirty litter and solid waste can be disposed of in the toilet or composting, this not contributing to waste and costs. It is environmentally friendly because it does not contain silicon, minerals or powders, and its production process, with low energy consumption and environmental impact without fossil fuels, reduces CO2 in the atmosphere! Asssorbella is vegetal, practical because it is light, effective, ecological, easy to dispose and without any risks. An innovative Ferribiella litter box entirely produced in Italy.




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